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Norrizon proprietary applications provide client partners with superior technology to effectively manage their business.

National Account Management System (NAMS) provides business intelligence for account executives managing clients products.
Product Promotional Gateway (PPG) allows pharmaceutical sales representatives to efficiently manage marketing materials, detail aids, samples with the health care professionals.
Norrizon Sales Distribution System (NSDS) gives clients real time sales reporting, inventory on hand and orders
NAMS is a proven Customer Response Management (CRM) platform for planning, tracking and sharing promotional information about  clients business in a fully integrated, web-based application.
Extensive drill down technology for trade spend tracking, promotional activities,
marketing, sales and account planning, management of listings. Our web-based information management system provides up-to-date analytics and reports on the progress of their business. Our business intelligence turns information into knowledge.

PPG is a user friendly platform which allows organizations to effectively manage large portfolios of marketing collateral and related items.
➔ Items are in catalogue groups with respective images allowing ease of identification         for their sales representatives to place orders
➔ PPG has application with both pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods      companies.
➔ Orders are transmitted in real time and integrated into our warehouse management
     system or can be integrated into clients distribution partners system.
➔ Our system allows for signature capture by respective health care professionals
➔ Tracks items expiry dates and collateral PAAB expiry dates.


NSDS is integrated with our warehouse management system and provides industry leading intelligence
➔ Sales reporting by brand by segment
➔ Wide variations of drilling down on the information to facilitate in-depth analysis
➔ Visibility to inventory on hand
➔ Orders pending

Norrizon Account Management System and Product Promotional Gateway are available for licensing.